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Headless Hector

Headless Hector is an action platformer with an emphasis on stylish combos and fast platforming. You play as one of Death apprentice and try to stop spirit to invade the mortals realm.

This project is a collaboration between my friend Goomboo (for all the pixel art and half of the game design) and myself (for the code and the other half of the game desing). The game is built with lua using the using the awesome LÖVE framework and the incredible imgui library for the engine interface. The engine itself features a custom made constant editor that allows the modification of all the game parameters in real time, a custom made Tiled map parser that can hot reload the game levels as they are edited in Tiled. It also includes some other useful functionalities such as asset preview and hot reload, time control capabilities (including step by step game execution), frame rate independent with fixed delta games updates, a custom made particle editor and some other stuff.

Headless hector engine interface